Sakali Mansion

Unique moments of rest & relaxation

Hotel Spa

in Pelion Greece

For Sakali Guests that want to enjoy in all privacy a unique hotel Spa in Thessaly Greece, Sakali Mansion Pelion proposes a boutique Spa, including a hamam and a Jacuzzi in its premises, allowing couples to enjoy special moments of rest and relaxation, just few minutes away from Volos in Thessaly–Greece.

The boutique Spa of this stunning Pelion hotel was created and decorated with unique finesse. The white marbles, the dim lights and the excellent service, set the stage for a transcendental experience devoted to pampering and restoration, in one of the very few Spa facilities, not only around the city of Volos, but also in the whole area of Thessaly-Greece.

Unique moments

of rest and relaxation

The hamam inspires a sense of mysticism in this Pelion hotel’s perfectly well appointed Spa. The east-meets-west philosophy is spread throughout the premises. You can stretch out flat on the white marble thrones and dreamily gaze at the starlit ceiling, through the steam.

The sounds of water and muffled chatter echo around the cozy dome and throughout the hamam, will guarantee a day of peace and relaxation. You will equally enjoy a nice Jacuzzi, in a separate area, while staring at the view of the impressive mountain of Pelion, in Central Greece, during your Spa session.

  • Sakali Mansion | Pelion | Interior View
  • Sakali Mansion | Pelion | Interior View
  • Sakali Mansion | Pelion | Exterior View
  • Sakali Mansion | Pelion | Interior View
  • Sakali Mansion | Pelion | Interior View

The boutique Spa of this Hotel, near the city of Volos in Greece, is open from October until April.

It can only be used by the hotel’s guest after making an appointment to ensure that the Hotel Spa is used in all privacy.